Hi, I am Luna Hill

I live in a big city,  just outside the center.
I love to hang around with my friends from the neighborhood.
Charlie is my best friend, he's a bit older and like a big brother to me. We know each other from a Street Called Madison, that's where we  live. After school we spend all our time with our friends , we call ourselves the MAD gang.

Mr. Spikey, he is Charlie's dog..... so cute,  he's always with us.
I have  a sweater with Mr. Spikey , it's my favorite.
Most of the time I like to wear jeans, sweaters, tees... ,
I also have an army shirt where I place badges and embroideries on.. it's so cool..
We have a badge from our gang MAD.
I like dresses and skirts as well but......they have to be cool........
because I'am No Princess........

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